Sunday, 30 August 2009

not yet knowing

The autumn begins this bank holiday week - on 1, 2, 3 September - with seven, two-hour workshops to discover the 39 young people who will play in South Hill Park's Christmas production of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

This will be a hat-trick experience, having directed Aladdin in 2007 and Beauty and the Beast last Christmas, building on the achievements of all at the theatre these past 25 years.

Three teams of 13 young people are needed - in each: 6 lost 'boy' boys, 6 'girl' pirates and a Michael. The excitement of "not yet knowing" the outcome of who these actors will be is perhaps a life-blood of the theatre experience (for all present): the not knowing; the having to make it up; going with what is offered up; making decisions that you don't know you want to make - all generate and create an emotional / intellectual / physical / adrenalin rush.

Other known ambitions this bank holiday week include:
  • two production meetings for Peter Pan - set design and costume design
  • a production meeting for 48 hrs which is in 13 days - but there is still one performer to cast
  • a trip to Edinburgh next weekend to experience Peter and Wendy by Mabou Mines - but how this is possible, time-wise, who knows
  • a funeral - but there is a clash here with auditions (another death!)
  • gallery and theatre trips in London
  • catching up with some very old friends in London on Bank Holiday Monday - tomorrow
  • preparations for Claw
  • Britain - zig-zagging between Reading, Bracknell, London and Edinburgh
This week is an official lieu-week but there is much to achieve before it all ends!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

invisible swine flu

Photo: Matthew Hotton

youtheatre / jersey arts centre / royal square / 24 / 25 / august / 13:00 hrs / health promotion / swine flu / catch-it / bin-it / kill-it

invisible theatre / very visible theatre / street theatre / guerilla theatre

war of the worlds / the day of the triffids / invasion of the body snatchers / dr. who / pandemic spectacle

the first ever choric sneeze / 10 choric sneezes / crawling along granite stone / across royal square / one two-year old laughing and playing with performers amidst the noise on 24th / beautiful / one senior citizen aghast at young people on 25th / confused / but funny

a poignant / witty / dramatic / truthful / spontaneous / public information drama / happening / improvisational / trigger happy theatre

haven't laughed so much since jonny-beetroot

the admiration / the respect / the energy / the noise / the theatre / of 13 peeps crawling over seagull-poo'd granite

the impact was subtle / daring / striking / and we didn't get arrested / but there was applause / surprisingly / after each

mr moonbeam / spy-like / made me laugh