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9 February 2009 | Jersey Post
International Year of Astronomy
Jupiter's Moons

Monday, 29 March 2010

the moons

A true colour mosaic of Jupiter taken by the Cassini probe
(NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

Scene 3 | Bertolt Brecht | LIFE OF GALILEO
translated by John Willett | Methuen | 1980/1986

Here we have Jupiter. Around it we have four smaller neighbouring stars that are invisible except through the tube. I saw them on Monday but without bothering to note their position. Yesterday I looked again. I could swear the position of all four had changed.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

a review extract

LIFE OF GALILEO by Bertolt Brecht

"... The actors, one and all, are superb. The bravest of the brave, they walk amongst audience members with a confidence... This confidence includes coping immaculately with Brecht's actor-torturing text... the direction and use of every nook and cranny in St. James demonstrates what can be done when you take away theatrical conventions. The Jersey Arts Centre youtheatre has again challenged a play and a playwright that most theatre companies wouldn't touch, and succeeded... It is a production that demands your attention and holds it from start to finish. If you want to be part of something unique, go."

Julie Park | Jersey Evening Post | Friday 26 March 2010

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