Monday, 26 October 2009


Jack Speckleton | Noel Biledew
Photo: Bruce Liron


Andrew Davey | Biledew
Georgina Noel | Mrs Biledew
Jack Speckleton | Noel Biledew
Lucy Shenton | Nora
Laura Mezec | Christine
Richard Pedley | Clapcott
Alex Alderton | Angie
Andrew Oliveira | Lily
Tomas Weber | Lubsy

Graeme Humphries | Lighting Design
Montague Warner | Sound Design
Darren Umney | Cinematurgy
Steven Edwards | Technical
Josh Keogh | Lighting Op
Hettie Duncan | Sound Op
Denise Renouf | Costume Consultancy
Norman Speckleton | Decoration

Friday, 23 October 2009

gallery III

gallery II

gallery I

Directed & Designed by Daniel Austin
Lighting Design by Graeme Humphries
Cinematurgy by Darren Umney
Costumes by Denise Renouf & Daniel Austin
Sound Design by Montague Warner

Photography by Daniel Austin

dress rehearsal

by Howard Barker
Jersey Arts Centre

Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday 20 October 2009
St. James: 20.00 hrs

Photography by Bruce Liron

Thursday, 22 October 2009

studs in a leather jacket

Jack Speckleton / Noel Biledew / Photo: Bruce Liron

"The first truth is, there are no gods. That when a letter telling you to serve the government, to die for it or bow to it, lands on your doormat, it has not travelled from some distant galaxy but an individual, from a man, a human being who exists and is no more than you, and maybe less. And the second truth which follows from this is that what is, is not what has to be, but what we have allowed to be. And the consequence that follows from that is that we can change it. All this I have discovered through the miseries of my rotten life..."

Biledew, Claw, Howard Barker


Photo: Bruce Liron

An incredible thing happened at St. James last night as part of the International Howard Barker 21421 Festival:
  • an intimate, disturbing and politically-charged theatre experience
  • nine performers - participants - with whom it is a privilege to work
  • more participants - our audience - who were also an integral part of the action
  • a promenade experience that forced total engagement
  • a shocking Barker story with infinite resonance for the 21st century
  • an installatory theatre-first for Jersey
  • WWII bomb sites, chelsea, fortnum & mason and institutional environments created
"We should all like to choose our deaths, both the moment and the manner. We should like to control this as all the episodes of life. But death is not an episode of life, it is beyond life and nothing that pertains to life pertains to death. It was the same with the birth agony. We were coming into a place. With death we are going into a place. Or, if we are not going into a place, certainly we are leaving one."

death, the one and the art of theatre by Howard Barker
(London: Routledge, 2005)


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


21421 - from Howard Barker

Photo: Cathy Pilkin

We were outside, always outside, like heretics or lepers forbidden to pass the city gates.

Then one night, by agreement, we lit fires at the same hour, and the extent of the light showed us we were not alone, as we had thought, but we were numerous, and not only numerous, but inspired, and could both move and speak in the light, and be beautiful...

H.B. 21 – X - 09

by Howard Barker
21 - 24 October 2009
Jersey Arts Centre: St. James
£12 (£9 students)
Box Office: 01534 700444

Sunday, 18 October 2009

a way of processing

Photo: Bruce Liron | 48 hrs

juggling the making of five pieces
over a ten week period
is quite a unique experience

producing / directing / making
acting / performing / singing / dancing
stage managing / risk-assessing

three have now been performed
all three have generated
a unique and positive response

another is this week
the fifth in five
and that is in rehearsal / development

48 hrs
notes to a goldfish
carl's friends
peter pan

the range of experience
for actor / performer
audience / participant

has been quite humbling

as the above
a way of

maybe understanding a little more

Monday, 12 October 2009

reconnaissance for neverland artifacts

the sue ryder sale | nettlebed | saturday 10 october

cricket bats £5
hoe £1
hockey stick £2
table tennis bats £1
walking stick £1
teddy bears £5
a cot £10