Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Edinburgh International Festival
Festival Theatre
Imperial Court Music and Dance of Japan
Performed by the Musicians of the Imperial Household Agency, Tokyo

"Gagaku is the world’s oldest living orchestral tradition. This music of unforgettable elegance and beauty dates back to 5th century Japan. Performed by a powerful ensemble of wind instruments, plucked strings and deeply resonant percussion, its slow-moving melodies and exquisite harmonies suggest a serene world of ancient ritual and contemplation." - programme note...

a thousand shards of glass


Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Pleasance Courtyard | 2

Created and performed by:
Nathalie Marie Verbeke and Charlotte De Bruyne
Costume: Pauline Verminnen
Supported by:
Ontroerend Goed, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd. with Pleasance

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

a day @ T2

BULLET CATCH by Rob Drummond

Director: David Overend & Rob Drummond
Design: Francis Gallop
Lighting: Alberto Sans Belado
Composer/Sound: Ross Ramsay

ANGELS Ronan O'Donnell

Director: Graeme Maley
Composer: Benedikt Hermann Hemannsson
Lighting / Sound: Jools Walls

MESS by Caroline Horton

Director: Alex Swift
Design: Fiammetta Horvat
Lighting: Andy Purves
Composer: Seiriol Davies

BLINK by Phil Porter

Director: Joe Murphy
Design: Hannah Clark

MONKEY BARS by Chris Goode

Director: Chris Goode
Design: Naomi Dawson
Dialogues: Karl James

BEATS by Kieran Hurley

Performance Director: Julia Taudevin
Video Artist / Live VJ: Jamie Wardrop
Lighting / Sound Design: Johnny Whoop

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Traverse 2

Monday, 20 August 2012

villa + discurso

Edinburgh International Festival
The Hub
Teatro Playa
by Guillermo Calderón

Director: Guillermo Calderón
Design: María Fernanda Videla

dieter roth diaries @ the fruitmarket

the oxford imps

and the girls in their sunday dresses

Sunday, 19 August 2012

meine faire dame - ein sprachlabor

after the rainfall

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Pleasance Dome
by curiousdirective

Director: Jack Lowe
Design: Georgia Lowe
Lighting: Sherry Co enen
Video: John-Marc Gowens
Sound: Jo Walker
Photo 1: Murdo Macleod | The Guardian

martin dockery: wanderlust!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Gilded Balloon Teviot

statements after an arrest...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Assembly Hall
by Athol Fugard
The Fugard Theatre, Izinga and Assembly

Director: Kim Kerfoot
Design: Guy De Lancey

mark thomas: bravo figaro!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

and then, one thousand years of peace

Edinburgh International Festival
Edinburgh Playhouse
Ballet Preljocaj

Choreography: Angelin Preljocaj
Music: Laurent Garnier
Set: Subodh Gupta
Costume: Igor Chapurin
Ligthing: Cécile Gionvansili
Photos: JC Carbonne

the letter of last resort

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Traverse Theatre | 1
from Tricycle Theatre's: THE BOMB (a partial history)
by David Greig

as of 1.52pm GMT...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Traverse Theatre | 1
by Daniel Kitson


Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Traverse Theatre | 1
Lyric Hammersmith
by Simon Stephens

Director: Sean Holmes
Designer: Hyemi Shin
Music: Michael Czepiel
Sound: Nick Manning

and no more shall we part

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Traverse Theatre | 1
Hampstead Theatre Productions
by Tom Holloway

Director: James Macdonald
Design: Hannah Clark
Lighting: Guy Hoare
Sound: Christopher Shutt

Friday, 17 August 2012

gulliver's travels

Edinburgh International Festival
King's Theatre
Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu, Romania
after Jonathan Swift

Director: Silviu Purcarete
Design and Lighting: Dragos Buhagiar
Music: Shaun Davey

homayun sakhi trio

Edinburgh International Festival
Greyfriars Kirk

Homayun Sakhi - rubab
Salar Nader - tabla
Abbos Kosimov - doyra