Monday, 23 August 2010

jupiter : zobop : lambie : alice

ZOBOP (Fluorescent)
Jim Lambie

"People are free to bring to that piece or take from that piece whatever they want to. The work is a starting point for other people, not an end result for me."

jupiter : life mounds : jencks : alice

Charles Jencks

"A landform celebration of the cell as the basis of life."

jupiter : lambie: a forest : alice

Jim Lambie

"The forest that we look at reflected in the chrome panels is being peeled back away revealing layers of colour. The reflection in the work will change with every season that passes."

jupiter : hamilton finlay : xth muse : alice

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Sappho, the tenth muse, is the poetess of erotic lyricism and the symbol of love and beauty.

jupiter : ford : weeping girls : alice

Laura Ford

"The site I have picked at Jupiter has a quiet, melancholic atmosphere."

jupiter : kapoor : suck : alice

Anish Kapoor

"We all know what darkness is..... we carry it within us."

Sunday, 22 August 2010

nothing gets near it...

Edinburgh International Festival 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

week 10: meditative theatre

02:00 hours
the sacred heart tour

  • for meditation only
  • no talking
  • stay together

1. wednesday 2 june
2. wednesday 9 june
3. wednesday 16 june
4. wednesday 23 june
5. wednesday 30 june
6. wednesday 7 july
7. thursday 15 july
8. wednesday 21 july
9. wednesday 28 july
10. wednesday 4 august
10. friday 6 august