Monday, 5 October 2009

fortnum & mason

fortnum & mason: piccadilly since 1707
in preparing Act I, scene iv, of Howard Barker's CLAW
for two weeks' time
a visit to the tea room earlier today was - officially - research
unofficially: research
we wanted a cuppa tea
my budget - of course
not the production's - of course
but I had kinda wished it had been a production expense!
but that would have been wrong: very wrong
it was a luxury
but so, so worth it
the darjeeling tea brought back some incredible memories
of india in '98
the service was impeccable
the service was - seriously - impeccable
the cakes are actually served as scripted in the Barker
to have that choice...
to be able to keep the menus
great production elements
idiosyncratic but good
the elevator - wow: cosy
my Dad was a lift engineer
a beautiful afternoon: researching
our friend, Anna, would have loved it
Anna loves tea...
I love tea
first flush tippy golden is the best
darjeeling tea


Tomas Weber said...

I like this post.

Ani said...

What inspired research!