Saturday, 19 November 2011

twenty years on...

by Ariel Dorfman
Harold Pinter Theatre

Director: Jeremy Herrin
Design: Peter McKintosh
Lighting: Neil Austin
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Sound: Fergus O'Hare
Fight Director: Bret Yount
Photography: Ellie Kurttz 

Couldn't resist this for just £15, having seen the original at The Royal Court just over twenty years ago. I was on an eight month unemployment-stint between theatre-in-education at Theatr Clwyd and The Gingerbread Man at South Hill Park, Bracknell! It didn't sit comfortably between the two but it was what I was doing: the Court would have been a first choice! This Saturday matinĂ©e transported me back thirty years to the eighties and how I spent most Saturdays, cramming in two shows - and a film - and spending all my paper-round money...

Some poignant thoughts from the programme (my summary) by Clive Stafford Smith (Director, Reprieve):
  • the cycle: violence justifying violence?
  • i.e. George Bush / Tony Blair
  • the eternal trap/repetition of hatred
  • victim becomes perpetrator
  • the repercussions of...
  • sitting in judgement on others: human vs human
  • privately and publicly
  • the quantum of evidence
  • the burden of proof
  • the rights of the victim
  • the rights of the perpetrator
  • the courts of law
  • due process
  • the courts of public opinion
  • denial vs reconciliation
  • reconciliation vs revenge
  • re-victimisation of victims
  • accountability vs compassion
  • war vs truth
  • a the need for the 'legal' justification of war
  • the procedures of...
  • complicity: who decides and how?
  • Thandie Newton was compelling: slick, cinematic, resolved...

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