Friday, 30 December 2011

jack, juno, johnny, mary and joxer

by Sean O'Casey
National Theatre: Lyttelton
A co-production with the Abbey Theatre, Ireland

Director: Howard Davies
Design: Bob Crowley
Lighting: James Farncombe
Music: Anna Rice
Sound: Ben Delaney
Photos: Mark Douet

Captain Jack Boyle: Ciarán Hinds
Juno Boyle: Sinéad Cusack
Johnny Boyle: Ronan Raftery
Mary Boyle: Clare Dunne
Joxer Daly: Risteárd Cooper

MARY - Act I

"Mary with her jumper off - it is lying on the back of a chair - is arranging her hair before a tiny mirror perched on the table. Beside the mirror is stretched out the morning paper, which she looks at when she isn't gazing into the mirror. She is a well-made and good-looking girl of twenty-two. Two forces are working in her mind - one, through the circumstances of her life, pulling her back; the other, through the influence of books she has read, pushing her forward. The opposing forces are apparent in her speech and her manners, both of which are degraded by her environment, and improved by her acquaintance - slight though it be - with literature. The time is early forenoon."


"I forgot, Mary, I forgot; your poor oul' selfish mother was only thinkin' of herself. No, no, you musn't come - it wouldn't be good for you. You go on to me sister's an I'll fetch th' ordeal meself. Maybe I didn't feel sorry enough for Mrs Tancred when her poor son was found as Johnny's been found now - because he was a Die-hard! Ah, why didn't I remember that then he wasn't a Diehard or a Stater, but only a poor dead son! It's well I remember all that she said - an' it's my turn to say it now: What was the pain I suffered, Johnny, bringin' you into the world to carry you to your cradle, to the pains I'll suffer carryin' you out o' the world to bring you to your grave! Mother o' God, Mother o' God, have pity on us all! Blessed Virgin, where was you when me darlin' son was riddled with bullets, when me darlin' son was riddled with bullets? Sacred Heart o' Jesus, take away our hearts o' stone, and give us hearts o' flesh! Take away this murdherin' hate, an' give us Thine own eternal love!"

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