Friday, 6 February 2015

no lawyer, no council

"Pay no heed. He's a finished man. He has no lawyer, no counsel, nobody to represent his case or defend him, or love him, or care for him, or tease or worry about, or go on walks with on Saturday after the Bank closes, or sit by the river with, or make his bed, or change his sheets, or wash out those understains, or argue with, or soothe, or mollify in the dark hours, or squeeze his fingers under the table, or smooth his brow, or lighten heavy days when nothing's been achieved. When nothing seems certain and an intervention could only be made with the encouraging nudge of a friend, which might just put the case back on track. Nobody to make him a cake, or wait outside the Bank and be disturbed when he's late. Or take the stain out of his hat, or a grey thread from his hair, or brush the dust from his suit, or bite him on the ear or welcome the police in when they come to arrest you for crimes so vile they dare not be named."

Adapted from Kafka by Berkoff
Act II - Block - Voice

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