Saturday, 29 August 2015

bonvoyageedinburgh: day 15 (m.c.escher)


a small theatre space / place / "bloody" room / it is the end of a show / the audience has applauded / there is an older man / probably c.65 years / he is getting up from his seat / he has been sat in the front row

PERFORMER (politely / serious / earnest / advisedly / not loud):

"You are going to have to learn not to snore, Sir, if you are going to come to the theatre to sleep..."

everyone hears / there is a momentary silence / the man is confused / i am sad / momentarily / we hear the shuffling sounds of the remaining audience as they leave

The funniest, hardest, most painful, ungenerous, absurdist, truthful, honest moment of the festival but then I couldn't stop laughing: just couldn't stop laughing - the festivals, eh...

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