Monday, 28 September 2009


It rocked the 70's now we activate the 80's

Our strap-line for the production of Godspell I was in back in the eighties.

Unity Players
Windsor Arts Centre
13-18 September 1982

I was 16, had just sat my O levels, and that summer of '82 was a dream: my first swimming pool party; my first sauna; my first jacuzzi; my first 'real' kiss; pints of larger and lime (!) at the Duke's Head; cycling across Slough to The Rotunda to rehearsals; everyone trying to get my bike in the back of their cars at 11.30 at night after the pub to get me home; working at C&A during the day; and my first proper, and perhaps even last, musical theatre experience as an actor / performer.

My solo in the show: We Beseech Thee ...

The first part of this last weekend was spent with people I hadn't seen for 27 years!

One of our company, a rugby man AND a musical theatre man, Carl Smiter, died of a heart attack earlier this year and we all re-united, revived most of the musical numbers from the show, added a lot more besides, raised some cash for the British Heart Foundation, reminisced, enjoyed the nostalgia, celebrated his life with his family and friends, and told many stories.

It was good to see you all: to laugh; to remember being 16 again; actually being 16 again; and to once again be reminded what it is like to sing, dance, act and perform.

My second time 'on stage' again in just two weeks...

Gary, Roma, Helen, Denise, Annie, Steve, Peter and Liz et al: thank you for some wonderful memories and for reminding me where it all - kinda - seriously began.


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