Friday, 18 September 2009

notes to a goldfish

Can you remember the instant you forgot the event of your birth? I cannot remember ever having been here before. I have always been here. Yes, I believe you. It seems to be about faith. In front of you, of course, you remember. Here I am, always being born. Watch me be born. I believe you! Yes, time is so swept up and for us, here, simply an ornament, where we are. In this dark, without windows, time serves to add decoration to a stage of untraceable events. And you must forget. Forget so that we can be born, together. I see through the glass. You must forget. Is that my purpose? To forget everything that has gone before, forget that things will keep happening after, to forget that I forget. Is forgetting possible in the water? The water will remember for us, remember so that we can forget. We ask that you truly forget your birth every minute to be born. And keep being born and untraceable and forgetting. Things will happen, you can be sure, but know there is nothing more than you and I, surrounded by the chaotic game of song and language tracing untraceable, unpredictable events.


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