Thursday, 6 October 2011

performance-making: theatre-maker

Created by Serge Danot | 1963
Original UK Broadcast: 1965-1977 | c. 450 episodes

From left to right:
Dougal | Florence | Zebedee | Brian | Ermintrude
a dog | a girl (a human: but not really) | a jack-in-the-box | a snail | a cow

Dylan is absent from this photograph. He played guitar.

The only way to make theatre: magic roundabouts!

Thank you Janette Froud: dancer, actor, performer, theatre-maker, lady-in-a-cardboard-box.

You can be, play, do, any of these parts, roles, animals, beings.

"But tonight, Janette, you are going to be: the roundabout."

I now understand the roundabouts: THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT.

I now understand theatre and its making.

No BLUE PETER for me...

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