Monday, 3 October 2011

what is there more...

Photos: Marc Brenner

National Theatre: Olivier
Arnold Wesker

Director: Bijan Sheibani
Set Designer: Giles Cadle
Costume Designer: Moritz Junge
Lighting Designer: Mark Henderson
Music and Sound: Dan Jones
Movement Director: Aline David
Cookery Consultant: Jeremy Lee

  • the choreography / the movement
  • the tableaux
  • the silence (the stillness) amidst the noise
  • the stylisation: period / costume / movement et al
  • British Society - 50's - present: nothing changes!
  • the racism
  • a sense / the sense of community
  • the interlude: the dreaming
  • the bus driver
  • the working man
  • being the meat someone else's sandwich
  • what is there more?
  • Tom Brooke as Peter

Why would someone walk away from this performance and say: 'we may have enjoyed it more if we had left at the interval'?

The whole point of the piece is fully revealed during the Interlude and Part Two...

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