Saturday, 23 November 2013

jane bussmann

content: engaging, politically charged, exciting
structure: eclectic and lacking fluidity and focused debate
presentation: clarity needed and needs to be 'off script' or 'on script'
overall: engaging, politically charged, exciting

Jane Bussmann: 'Bono and Geldof are Cunts' - Soho Theatre

Soho Theatre: stopped by security and asked what I wanted (hood was up on big parker coat - it was very cold out - which revealed a shaved head) and so I asked what the problem was. Apparently, I had to be a member to drink in the theatre bar. Really? But I didn't want a drink. I had come to the theatre. I then presented ticket and was allowed entry! Having 45 minutes to spare, it was curious to find that no one else was being checked for membership. Perhaps I was just too scary for a Saturday night at Soho Theatre...

Note to self: be a welcoming theatre!

Communication style from front-of-house was also not good - in fact: rude - considering we were all just wanting 'a good night out' at the 11pm show!

Note to self: be a welcoming theatre!

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