Saturday, 18 April 2009


¡ an (almost) silent comedy !

having now seen / experienced / been totally absorbed in / with paperweight 3 times - first at the edinburgh festival fringe last year (assembly rooms) and now at the JAC - it occurs that its spirit / its being lies somewhere between beckett and monty python via ionesco (and back again!)

harold (tom frankland) and anthony (sébastien lawson) create, and inhabit, a world of surreal, intimate realism that forces us to question our own office worlds and practice

the relentlessness of: the silence (exquisite), despair (poignant), family trauma (familiar) and love (comedic) re-enforces the beauty of our lives: the sharing (kinder surprises), the music (the power of love), the giving (cacti) and the playing (red 'bat' phones!)

intimate, immediate, sensitive, funny, exaggerated and founded on acute observation - under the direction and co-devising skills of jamie wood - top of the world create visual poetry

[ it has been a superb experience seeing paperweight again having just made outside / inside as it will be a great point of reference at our debrief this wednesday ]

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