Monday, 20 April 2009

title: outside / inside

the wax children
Photo: Bruce Liron

Having had a preliminary round-robin discussion about the work on outside / inside (see images below), in preparation for the full debrief on 22 April, there was debate about the title of the piece and possible developments.

outside / inside somehow defines and encapsulates the initial inspiration and starting point - and the actual process of making it - but the question, now, is: how does an audience experience it? [How is it, now, best titled?]

Possibilities include:
  • the edge of -
  • the hollow tree
  • the poetics of space
  • here & there
  • here / there
  • i have of late
  • the poker game
  • i had a dream
  • an exhibition
  • exhibition
  • the mountain

There will be many more ideas / thoughts / connections on this as the piece develops and it is exciting to know that this dialectic is happening within / without the company.

We would welcome all ideas on this matter from those who may have seen it...

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