Monday, 6 April 2009


Photo: Jane Heller

It is midnight!

The last time I had so much bloody creative fun during a technical day - and it has been an incredible 15 hours and I am not even tired - was in '99 with The Wizard of Oz at The Castle; with Arturo Ui in '03 and Gilgamesh and Secret Weapons in '05 in Jersey; with My Family and Other Animals in '07; and with apollo / dionysus (Edinburgh with thedead) and Beauty and the Beast (South Hill Park) last year; because, with 44 hours to go, the piece is just about somewhere: here / there, this side / beyond, nearing a / some completion, ready for an audience... But at a stage that will allow that completion to be extended, re-newed, made new each night.

The fluidity of outside / inside is remarkable because each of our 15 actors / performers / company members / people - not sure on the definition because none are adequate (not really) - has contributed something unique to this piece: whether words, music, an idea, a philosophy, a story, a perspective, a humour...

So stage one of this experience, this process, has resulted in 27 scoops / scenes / ideas / moments / realities... whatever...

Here's the final first draft list for this week:

1. hoovering
2. raining
3. the poker game
4. the street
5. the playground
6. walk / don't walk
7. the library
8. the smoke
9. the edge of -
10. the wax children
11. poetics of space
12. the photograph
13. i had a dream
14. feeling good
15. tissue mountain
16. confession
17. network
18. the room
19. the body system
20. eat me
21. water
22. the outsider
23. apocalypse
24. hamlet
25. standing
26. inside
27. outside

Tomorrow - today! - starts with a 9am call...

[Yet another person I have known has died and this has shaped the week...]

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Jonny Liron said...

Hey dan, who died?