Friday, 12 June 2009

the aquarium

Photo: Gregory Guida

started, and thus began the exploration of, one of the chapters from Fillets of Plaice

published 1971

a collection of five stories: ours is chapter two

a fourth actor / performer / storyteller is now in the rehearsal room

the dynamic thus expanded and there is now even more side-splitting laughter

and there wasn’t any more room for hysterics: we were already at capacity

creating this menagerie of animals and characters, these past two weeks, has meant physical boundaries have been shattered

everyone has been uniquely uninhibited

and freedoms have been explored

a beautiful experience and a privileged one

quote: ‘i have never laughed so much in a rehearsal room – ever’

quote: ‘this is lunatic’

quote: ‘Gerald Durrell was incredible’

fillets of plaice:
chapter two

our working title: the aquarium

the story of the 'the aquarium' pet shop in which Gerry got a job when the family returned from Corfu in 1939

exquisite in its observation: absorbing, original, charming, witty, nostalgic, poignant and sad

about: strangers, change, passion, creativity, eccentricity and story-telling

totally enchanting - especially when you consider that world war II had just been declared

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