Tuesday, 2 June 2009

menagerie manor

Having spent the last ten days gathering elements with which to play, the rehearsal room became alive with: sofas, chairs, boxes, rugs, sticks, birdcages, bugs, cushions, books, suitcases, bowls, gloves, straw, bodies, and a menagerie of explorations, experiments, thoughts, sounds, music and ideas.

Menagerie Manor, first published in 1964, provided us with great stimulus today because the challenge of creating macaques, gibbons and orang-utans in a subtle but physical way, and creating the spirit of that animal, was great.

Ingredients for success: research, a methodology, thoughtfulness, sensitivity – further cushioned with trust and free of inhibitions.

It was so very inspiring to have three creative minds and bodies – possibly four if I might be included in the list – so very willing to explore the ridiculous and the impossible.

In order to prepare for the developments that might be offered up on day three, the evening was spent discussing modes of communication, the theatre, actors, performers, styles, status, work, legitimacy, convention and alfresco challenges.

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