Monday, 1 June 2009

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Photo: Gregory Guida

Nine months in-the-planning, in-the-preparation, and day 1 arrived: idyllic.

The excitement, the butterflies, the organisation, the scaréd-ness of it all built to:

  • welcoming performers at the airport (v. international!)
  • reconnaissance of the Durrell site
  • aye-ayes, giant jumping rats, orang-utans, gibbons and lemurs
  • lunch with Dr. Lee Durrell and Donna Le Marrec
  • meeting with hosts
  • talking about Gerry’s storytelling
  • conservation
  • the Durrell mission of: “saving species from extinction”

brought home the prestigious nature of this project and assisting all at Durrell in animating their site with some of Gerald Durrell’s stories for their 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

The day was filled with orientation: information to digest, remember, assimilate; travel; accommodation arrangements; stories; Island history; Durrell legacy; and animals.

A day that is rare.

The first day on which a full company comes together perhaps happens only once or twice a year - rarely seven times a year!

I am reminded that before the end of 2009 this experience, this feeling, this responsibility, this adventure, this quest - this lunacy - will have happened seven times:

  • outside / inside
  • my family and other stories
  • one million tiny plays about Britain
  • notes to a goldfish
  • 48 hours
  • claw
  • # 7 (tba)

A whirl-wind day! A fun day! A great night’s sleep…

Being able to offer up work is so exhilarating and feels good.

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