Friday, 22 January 2010

fireworks & shooting stars

Photo: Philippe Cibille

London International Mime Festival
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Collectif Petit Travers (France)

by and with:
Nicolas Mathis, Julien Clément, Denis Fargeton
Pianist: Aline Piboule

Music by: Bach, Beethoven, Dutilleux, Ligeti, Liszt, Mozart...
Lighting Design: Arno Veyrat
Graphics | Visuals: Aude Poirot
Technical: Julien Durat
  • balletic
  • hypnotic
  • graceful
  • harmonious
  • precise
  • gallactic
  • the shooting stars !
  • the firework display !
  • playful
  • witty
  • mannequined
  • suited
  • spectacular
  • fast
Perhaps one of the most peaceful pieces of theatre...

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