Tuesday, 19 January 2010

free time radical: multi-coloured (insects)

"think about the things that weren't right before"

"was the spray coming up or the rain coming down"

"we have got to do the silence"

"this insect: it was multi-coloured"

"you know my story: am I doing it right"

"the landscape is changing"

The Frequency D'ici
Free Time Radical
Jersey Arts Centre: St. James
Friday 15 January 2010

  • the rules
  • being the best
  • winning
  • what is the game
  • doing it right
  • to congratulate
  • to punish
  • remembering
  • the loss
  • the irrational
  • the chaos
  • is it real
  • is the flood real

Free Time Radical is a domestic story of epic proportions. Two guys share a flat in a converted church in a big metropolis. They are from different parts of the world, united by a shared passion for the extreme sport of surfing. Outside the flat, the world is flooding dramatically. Whole continents are disappearing under water, populations are being wiped out, society is drowning, and riots are breaking out. In the midst of the chaos we see two men change and survive.

Tom Frankland, S├ębastien Lawson and Jamie Wood: thank you...

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