Sunday, 17 January 2010

secret mice | blind weapons

Neil Andrew as The German Soldier
Francesca Duncan as Lulu
Secret Weapons 2005
Liberation 60 Theatre-in-Education Project
Jersey Arts Centre

Amidst three exhibitions, two films, Huckleberry Finn adventures, free time radicals, and planes, trains and automobiles this weekend - and it has only been 48 hours - by far the most poignant experience, and after 57/58 years in the making, was a glimpse at Agatha Christie's THE MOUSETRAP to see Neil Andrew as Giles Ralston.

I now know why plays have to change...
I now know why theatre changes...

Lian Furness as Samuel
Sara Kewly as The Teacher

I know why Neil Andrew is a performer you would
Wish in your company:
he can make you believe it is snowing
he did this last night and

he did this five years ago...

"It's like Occupation jam our Dad says: it's the Occupation malady!"
Lulu | Secret Weapons | by Daniel Austin | 2005

Photography: Bruce Liron

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