Thursday, 19 July 2012

granny big pants # 3

Scene 12: SILENCE

It is a moment you wish for.
It is a moment you wish in.
At night. In bed. Or in prayer. 
You stay small.
A silent distraction.
Never put me in the silence.
I shall never give up my privilege of words.

Silent with fear.
Silent with tears.
Silence can make someone disappear.

You will find silence in a classroom when the teacher has asked everyone to be quiet.
Or in jail because you are so bored.
Or when you are asleep.
All it can do is stand there waiting.
Waiting to be distracted by excitement and noise.
It can be in a deserted place.

The hush of people.
The hush of words.

Some say that silence is deafening. A nightmare.
It is usually made after something bad has happened.
It’s an awkward thing.
Awkward silence. Angry silence. Joyful silence. Peaceful silence.
The world whispers when it ends.
It is a diet from a riot.
A giant silence. A ghost town.
It comes and it goes but it should never stay.
It can last for ever.
Who has the right to end a silence?
A bundle of question marks.

You can’t see it. You can’t feel it.
You can’t hear it. You can’t explain it.
You can see it. You can feel it.
You can hear it. You can explain it.

Silence is what most parents wish for.
It is luxury.
It is expensive.
It is powerful energy.
It is hard to get in our every day lives.
The cars. The buses. The people. The clocks.
Silence makes you concentrate.
No lips moving.
When there is silence it will be the end of the world.

Silence in the court yard.
Silence in the street.
The biggest mouth in the universe
Is just about to speak.

Ssh. Quiet. Bed time. Sleep.
Ssh. Quiet. Night time. Peace.
Ssh. Quiet. Work time. Cease.
Ssh. Quiet. Music time. Listen.
Ssh. Quiet, Prayer time. God.
Ssh. Quiet, Opera time. Watch.

Silence never matters.
You can say it and you can break it.

In some far away corner of the world, and I am not sure anyone knows exactly where, there is pure silence - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is a thin pain/pane of glass which can be broken so easily.
It is a warm blanket which envelops everything.
It is everlasting sleep.
There is no where to run.
A place where no bird sings.
A place where space and time stops altogether.
But I would never want the world to be silent for ever.
It is precious.

No breeze. No shake of the trees. No breath. No voice. No splashing of waves. No screams or shouts.

Nothing is nothing.
Silence is silence.
A form of communication.

Pure. Unknown. Deafening. Confusing. Misunderstood. Not respected. Indescribable. Odd. 


[Junior Drama: aged 8-13 years]

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