Tuesday, 17 July 2012

granny big pants # 1

Scene 9: WAR

I curse who ever invented war!

Most of the time people don’t even know what they are fighting about.
It’s dreadfully horrid.
War makes me sad.
It is tricky: death, destruction and invasions.

W stands for ‘worried’.
A stands for ‘anxious’.
R stands for ‘revenge’.

War is pain, anger.
9 out of 10 people die in war.
I don’t get it.
No good ever comes of it.
Does it ever end?

Guns, fire, death, enemies, tanks, bombs, soldiers, granddad. 1st World War, 2nd World War, bullets, sadness, people, smoke, empty. Pointless, demolished land, Winston Churchill and Colonel Gaddafi. The Twin Towers, Afghanistan, Pakistan, military, shooting, the world.
Humans, nuclear bombs, fighting, hopeless, weapons. Killing, gas, army, friends, Hitler.

Why waste so many lives?
Just do it nicely and in a civilised way.
Everyone goes on about how civilised the human race is now.
I just can’t believe that someone can tell that much of a lie.
We won’t be civilised, until we can get by these huge worldwide
Arguments, in a civilised way.
Why can’t we just have a vote?
Or share and be fair?
Why don’t they just use their brain?

All the killings!
All the slaughter!

When I think about it at the beach
The sea seems filled with forgotten blood.
When I think about it in the woods
The victims lurk behind every tree.

Oh, deary me, war!

It is the time to make the ultimate sacrifice for peace and your country.
It’s expensive.
It crushes the human.
Your friends die before your eyes.
You shoot, drop bombs, spray harmful gases and kill.
If you win,
Other countries may fear you and you might get to own their land.
It’s full of conflict, aggression, blood and guts.

My Granddad was in World War II and was a tanker. The life span for them was six weeks but he lasted through the whole war. He even got kidnapped once.

You can’t always win a battle or a war.
They can last for years.

Battles on land.
Battles on sea.
The terrible war is horrid to me.

Yet there is victory.
And too much loss.
We win.
They lose.
And yet it always ends up in mud and moss.

Bombs, soldiers, armies, men
Death, tanks, death again.

War has evolved as technology has grown.
People don’t really pay attention to the fact that this world is not a
Peaceful place.

It’s every body’s worst nightmare.
What a stupid thing!
I mean: who would invent such a stupid thing?

Let’s hunt him down.

[Junior Drama: aged 8-13 years]

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