Thursday, 12 November 2009


the battle sequence between pirates and indians in act the fourth took a serious amount of dedicated time to fathom these past two days but the end result is swashbuckling, clear, dynamic, engaging

barrie's imaginatively unique cinematic directions are fantastically impossible: magic realism

though a friend has just pointed out this concept had not been invented yet...

more thresholds and pairings, opposites and contrasts:

make-believe / true
night-time / daytime
dreaming / awake
subconscious / conscious
water / land
forgetting / remembering
boy / man
girl / woman
beginning / end
believing / not believing
good form / bad form
love / hate
heartless / heartbroken
lost / returned
gay (ecstatic or joyous) / tragic
small / big
actors / spectators

T O M O R R O W   W E   F L Y

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