Tuesday, 10 November 2009

truth and belief

outdoors / indoors

I have been sent a list of more peter pan pairings and contrasts in connection with Sunday's posting (thank you):
  • immortal / mortal
  • non-human / human
  • non-aging / aging
  • eternal / temporal
  • flying / earthbound
  • neverland / this world
  • freedom / containment
  • indoors / outdoors
  • safety of home / being locked out
  • growing up / staying youthful
  • lost boys / normal boys
  • orphans / families
  • fathers / mothers
  • animals / humans

the day was spent in act the fourth and
integrating michaels, nanas and lizas into act the first

children do not need directing:
they have an immense capacity to just be

we all sat in awe this evening
watching unparralleled truthfulness

once again: the day offered up tremendous discoveries

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Nicky Carlton said...

....and those children will be having one of the most,if not, the most, exciting times they have ever had in their little lives...no wonder they are such naturals, they are in their element...x