Wednesday, 18 November 2009

sitting on the floor

am sat in the haversham room
on the floor
at gone eleven in the evening
and this is my view

a superb day
developing crouching tiger hidden dragon
fight direction

being witness to some of the most
exquisite performances
by lost boy and pirate 'acorns'

the three teams this year are:
the thimbles
the shadows
the acorns

and tonight we split into separate groups

and since rehearsals finished at seven
i have been
playing with costumes
building wendy houses
(see above)
and planning technicals
and dresses

day 13 in neverland was a wonder

we are now off to 24 hour asda
for more pieces of the jigsaw

everyone is beautifully exhausted
and gone home to sleep

but we now have a second wind:


I'll teach you how to fly on the wind's back
and then away we go...

1 comment:

Nicky Carlton said...

What would Directors -on their second wind- do without 24 hour Asda's?! Mr Austin you are a marvel.....x