Sunday, 1 November 2009

day zero

the day before we start full time in neverland:
day zero

we have had five sunday rehearsals with pirates, lost boys, michaels
and peter pan

five songs have been developed:

- the boy who never grew up
- lost boys
- yo ho ho
- the mermaids' song
- the battle

and three of these have been choreographed

there are 39 young people in the cast: ambitious
and six adult actors who are arriving in town this very minute...

it is now after 10 o'clock in the evening
and the day has been spent singing, dancing, creating and

discovering how the lost boys playing tootles
might also play nana

nana (a dog played by a boy)
says barrie, and so

'nanarish' - to quote a lost boy -  discussions were had:
manners of sitting, standing, walking, cleaning, serving et al

and for the first time in three years we are
marking out the gallery space

we have the full width and depth
of the wilde stage for our rehearsals

this will be a rare treat and will enable us all
to site story and action earlier

the proxemics will thus be clearer and this detail
will enhance our audience experience

a great place to work, create, make theatre, direct, perform:
south hill park

i started out here as an actor in the gingerbread man in '91
and it is a privilege to be here for a third year as a director in '09

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