Monday, 9 November 2009

fog ahoy

having been locked out of south hill park for an hour this morning
(i arrived far too early)
i went on a photographic expedition across the grounds
to discover some of the the alfresco locations
of our community production of peter pan
from twelve years ago

these images are a view across the italian garden
which doubled as our pirate ship
with the totem pole sculpture
the indian camp
in the background

what could have been a freezing start to the day
became something
quite memorable
and beautiful
and enchanting

the sixth day spent in neverland
meant that we were able to explore
acts the first, second and third
all over again
making new discoveries

a relaxed
exploratory day
with perhaps one of the most memorable
innovative sessions
ever in a rehearsal room

our actor playing tinker bell
offered up a language for her fairy
that was at once
innovative and original
compelling and witty

we laughed hysterically today
and our pirates and indians
tiger lilys and nanas
thought tink
a wonder and v. funny

peter: thank you tink!

1 comment:

Nicky Carlton said...

oh I love the foggy photos so dreamy; and thinking of you having such f u n in the rehearsal room....laughter - such a tonic, so uplifting - keep going.....x