Friday, 6 November 2009

week 1: day 5

the aim in week one
despite having a three week rehearsal period
was to explore acts the first, second and third: our first half

the schedule was thus the same as last year
because there will be flying and fighting in week three

we needed to cover some neverland ground
and so be as economic with our time

this was achieved with great creativity from one and all:
choreographically, on the stage management front
and with chaperones looking after 39 young performers

great beauty, delicacy and poignancy
has been achieved in act the first:

wendy is funny, refreshing and enchanted
peter is innocent, refreshing, incorrigible

mr darling is a 'tornado' (as barrie intended) and lovable
mrs darling has grace, beauty and protects

the pirates in act the second have an energy to die for
an awfully big adventure here

the lost boys possess a demeanor 
making their presence real, honest, truthful: natural

act the third is marooner's rock
and offers up aquatic, la-goon-like comedy

smee is a hoot in the dinghy-boat
hook is a fool

and peter and wendy maroon themselves with simplicity

a swashbuckling-quest of a first week

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