Monday, 2 November 2009

day one

we don't really know how we 'got through' all that we did today

meeting the full performing company for the first time
and everyone being in the same room

and there are in excess of 50 people in that room

our adult actors had a little catchin' up to do today, as always
because the lost boys and pirates
had already rehearsed for five days

but after a rigorous and vigorous warm-up
with our incredible choreographer
whose energy and precision is exquisite

we settled down around the piano: a tinky-tonk upright
and learnt melodies and harmonies with an ease, great humour
and hysterics: the laughable ones

our adult actors know one another very well
and so were able to enjoy many harmonic accidents

tinker bell: so nervous singing in front of the 39
squeezed a michael hand so very tight in
the boy who never grew up
and sweated his hand

he was gracious - this was fun - and we laughed

adult actors were choreographed for the first time
with the kids already having learnt the dance
and this created a beautiful pressure

of concentration, energy and grace

we fully staged the prologue:
two is the beginning of the end and
the boy who never grew up

the lost boys, boys band song and
a pirate's life

a beautiful, enchanting and engaging day:
day one

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel

I have been following your blog and enjoyed it.

When I was reading it, a thought came to me about the possibility of putting together a radio play for broadcast here on Radio Bracknell Forest ( over xmas.

I am not sure that I know anyone who would be able to put that together with me. If you know that any of your contacts in theatreland might be interested, would you please ask them to drop me an e-mail at


John Hicks